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This game was made in collaboration with Lofty (@inclinedlight on Twitter).

This Fiasco! Playset was inspired by Friends at the Table. You can follow the show by going to friendsatthetable.net or @friends_table on Twitter, or support the show by going to friendsatthetable.cash.

This game takes place throughout the lands of Hieron and features some familiar themes every fan of the show will enjoy. But you do not need to be acquainted with the material to create your own characters and adventures here! 

Hieron is a fantasy world filled with diverse life and a wide variety of magic types, but beware. The world is ending. Nations are vying for power. Thieves and undead pirates are afoot. Even the gods are at each other's throats, if not violently, then romantically.
It is up to you and yours to find where you fit in amongst it all. 

Fight to save the world. Swing a sword at a ghost. Get that boyfriend plus one. Become a vampire cop. Work on perfecting your magic. Join a thieves guild. Love the gods you worship. Steal the hearts of your friends. And as always, stay rude.


Fiasco Playset - Hieron, Oh, My Hieron.pdf 400 kB

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